High Limit Disability. If anything can happen, you should prepare for everything.

A tailored insurance program should form an integral part of a sport and entertainment professional’s risk management strategy. We treat insurance like art, and clients are priceless. We work with individuals and their advisors to arrange bespoke insurance program that protect them against their professional and personal risk exposures. This may include any of the following coverages:

Professional Lines

  • Career ending injury (permanent total disablement)
  • Income protection (temporary total disablement)
  • Accidental death
  • Sports private medical insurance
  • Contractual bonus
  • Non-appearance
  • Personal media liability
  • Fixated risk management /personal protection
Coverage Example A – A professional basketball team was looking to protect the guaranteed contract made to a key player. Since the team’s obligation to the player was immediate upon signing the contract, Interim Life Protection was required. The firm offered an alternative solution by securing an additional $20,000,000 of Failure to Survive coverage for 90 days while the life underwriting was completed.
Coverage Example B – A famous recording artist was preparing for a worldwide concert tour to promote her top selling debut album. The firm secured Non-Appearance coverage for her management company. The coverage protected her from losing potential earnings if she had to cancel a tour appearance due to death, illness, or other unexpected events.
Coverage Example C – An executive made over $2,000,000 per year, but only had $15,000 per month of Disability coverage. This represented less than a 10% income replacement ratio. The firm was able to secure an additional $85,000 per month of Disability Coverage to better protect the executives earnings.

We work with commercial organizations operating in the sports and entertainment sector to manage their risk exposure. A commercial insurance program may include any combination of the following coverages:


  • Catastrophe insurance
  • Permanent total disability
  • Accidental death
  • Income protection
  • Monthly benefits up to $500,000 per month
  • Benefit periods up to 60 months, plus lump sum benefits exceeding $25,000,000
  • Key-person insurance
  • Sports governance insurance
  • Contractual Indemnification
  • Failure To Sign Coverage
  • Interim Life Insurance

Who We Work With

  • Professional sports clubs and teams
  • Individual sportsmen and women
  • Entertainment professionals
  • Sports governing bodies
  • Agents and advisors
  • Venues rights holders and event organizers
  • Sponsors
  • Broadcasters
  • Production companies
  • Membership and affinity groups
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